Three into One

Waiting at gate 32 we’re told that a volcano over Ethiopia means we have to change our route to Nairobi, so we have an hour whilst they find a route that avoids Libya (gets my vote anyday). No matter for me, less time in Nairobi airport overnight. But here’s the thing. After sampling the joys of the club class lounge (well done on instant customer care BA, nice Chablis!!!!) I find myself in the multi-faith prayer room. And it’s almost the stuff of a poor taste joke…..’a Christian, a Muslim and a Jew were praying in a small room’…! But that’s exactly what happened. Me and two other human beings who never met, spoke or acknowledged each others’ presence. A sort of ‘three faiths non-forum’. All To be heard was the repetition and swish of scarf and tassles, the gentle movement of beads and the turning of pages of Common Prayer. Three prayers, one God. I wonder which of the four was listening?


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