Arrived and together again

Journey for the twins and Rach was good…BA wonderful (or is it just that we have used easyjet and ryanair too much??) Nairobi airport interesting….trying to get luggage back and onto our connecting flight was not simple…but what in life is simple?

Ella writes: BA food was terrible…we watched a programme about Heston making it better, but ours was bad. We watched Yogi Bear and Rango on film. Yogi bear better. When we got there we went to bed at 2 in the morning

Our first day was spent in Byumba (our home) getting used to the place and unpacking. We have 2 rooms and a little kitchen and we are tucked away behind a wall. We look out over beautiful hills covered in banana plantations. We as a white family are rather a novelty here; the children even more so. People stop and stare and come over to try and shake our hands and touch the children. A bit disconcerting, but getting easier every time we go out.

We are doing some simple cooking at home but also eating at the diocesan guest house just up the road. Our house is their “annexe” so we are looked after by them well. Their restaurant serves buffet meals so we can choose what we like. Lots of carbs – chips pasta and rice at most meals as well as a wonderful selection of plantain, beans, squash etc. We have also enjoyed fried fish, goat, duck legs and chicken. Can’t complain, can we? Especially as each meal costs £2.50!

Finn writes: we went on a very bumpy bus to kigali (on day 2) which was very long and squished. The city was very loud and busy so we went to a coffee shop for a coke. We did some shopping and then went swimming in the lovely Hotel De Mille Collines (NB Film Life Group – setting of Hotel Rwanda) It was lovely.

While twins were swiming R visited the Genocide Memorial. Words can’t do justice but it really puts everything in persepective and makes this country even more remarkable.

Today we visited Hannah Ministries (Tumerere). What an honour to see what is being done to show the love of God to single mums, orphans and children with HIV. This is one of the ministries St Marys supports. It really is moving and brilliant. We were sat down in the middle of everyone and they thanked us and danced and sang in our honour. Truly moving. Then a teenage girl stood up and spoke about how Hannah Ministry had saved her and her brother. Without the ministry they would have nothing. Beautiful. We had a lovely game with some bubbles – obviously new to many of the children. No language needed to have that sort of fun!










3 responses to “Arrived and together again

  1. Well it seems like your having a great time.we are having a nice time to because it is ethans loony loos joy

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