Leaving Byumba for Kigali, weekend with Lucy and Steve

We packed up and left Byumba on Thursday morning. First thing we visited the nursery school over the road with Vicky the bishops wife. Children were very excitedto see us and wanted their pictures taken and sang us songs etc (sorry if that sounds blase, now getting to be a normal event, being treated like the queen!)

Elson and Chantal came and gave us beautiful gifts as we were leaving and we squeezed everything into Megs Rav4 to take us to the diocesan guest house in Kigali. We have a beautiful house with our own house-help who cooks and tidys. We are sharing with 3 americans who are here on a months mission trip. Comfy beds, nice food, beautiful veranda looking out over the city. Nice!

In the evening we had supper with the archbishop Gwaje and Josephine. The ordered taxi turned up and our late – he thought 5.30 in the morning not in the evening! But we got there and supper was wonderful and the family gorgeous!

Friday morning steve and lucy arrived from burundi. So wondeful to see them and to have great conversation. Really good to download our brains to someone who understands our african impressions. feels like a debrief! very hot down here in the city tough compared to the 3000ft up in Byumba so we all head off to the hotel for a swim again. make good use of the waterproof camera (see pictures) and have a very relaxing time in the sunshine.

Saturday morning we make a wonderful discovery of the African Bagel Company – an initive run by a american lady, to train women to make and sell american style bagels and donoughts. We sat in the garden and totally loved our western treat!

A bit of shopping followed by more Hotel Mille Collines. Very happy and relaxing! Then the wonderful restaurant “the new cactus” again, quite westernised but good to eat some pizza! the rwandan food is great but exactly the same for every meal so i think all of our tatstebuds were ready for a change!

Steve and Lucy left sunday morning and we are left to pack and sort our stuff ready for the next stage of the trip. Joburg tomorrow and onto Melbourne Tuesday through wednesday. Really lookingforward to it but mixed feelings about leaving here! We feel like we are just getting used to it and how different it is but at the same time recognising how tiring and frustrating everything is, even the littlest tasks.

Not sure when we will be next on-line so “bear-with”.


















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