Now Downunder!

After a mammoth 72 hour session of planes, airports, guesthouses we are now in Melbourne. Your would not believe how cold Johnnesburg was (looks sunny in the pictures, but don’t be fooled!!!), absolutely freezing, so much had we had to take refuge in the Airport….the upside being that OT Airport is the most amazing modern hub, easily rivals Heathrow and Schipol (for any Brits mourning the loss of Woolworths, they’re all here in a M & S/Waitrose combo!!). But after a few delays all flights good, connections in Sydney worked, and the wonderful sight of our lovely friend Clare waiting at the gate in Melbourne.

Tonight discussed the list of things we would never take for granted again! Near the top were ‘running hot water’, ‘shops with the same stock 2 days running’, but more poignantly, ‘roofs without holes’ and ‘four walls’. We have much more than that here with lovely friends thrown in, so are truly blessed.

Finn writes: ‘look at us on the bikes I Kigali, would we ever be allowed to do this in England!!! (these are the local Taxi service, sorry picture a bit dark). On Qantas we watched ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid II – Roderick Rules’, which was really, really funny, and played games, pushed daddy out of his seat so I could lie down to sleep!!! – that’s all from me for now!’

Ella writes: ‘I didn’t get much sleep from JoBurg, so went to sleep from Sydney to Melbourne. I watched the same film as Finn but also saw some of ‘Sammy’s Adventures’. It’s nice to be in a place where nobody stares at you ( which they did all the time in Rwanda), at last a bed of my own without having to share with Finn.’

That’s us, off into central Melbourne today before heading off to Philip Island tomorrow…







2 responses to “Now Downunder!

  1. Nearly burst into tears at the breakfast table – hadn’t realised how worried I was about you! Very glad you’re back on more familiar ground (albeit the other side of the world still…) Enjoy Oz & say Hi to Clare for us.

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