On Philip Island (or is it the Isle of Wight?)

Travelled down to Philip Island yesterday (Friday), an easy 2 hour drive in Arties lovely car (has it really done 212,000km?) it really is winter here. Think February half term…… We cross the bridge onto the island and head for Cowes (past Ventnor and Seaview), and find our lovely accommodation. There is an outdoor pool which of course the water-babes want to try. As it is about 4 degrees or less, we distract.

We awake to bright sunshine. Again, remember February half term…… But the children see other fools, sorry, children, making an attempt at the pool. Finn changes and rushes straight there are jumps in(presumably a mix of bravado and so he’s not last in! ) I have never see him exit a pool so fast! Ella of course tries as well, both of them eventually swimming a length or two. I’m thinking this won’t be happening again this week! Hurrah for electric blankets of the beds…what a great invention!

We walked down to the beach here in Cowes – absolutely beautiful. Really windy but crisp and clear and the beach empty and very reminiscent of Ryde /Seaview. An attempt at a sandcastle didn’t last long, but wonderful games on the rocks and watching the seagulls (note the red bills and legs…..what type of gull?).

This afternoon we visited Rhyll (not another IOW haunt more north Wales) and loved it. It was sheltered from the wind and really quite warm (for February!). We then drove on to see what the south of the island was like and found our way to the Pyramid Rock. We were literally blown away by the storm force winds as we walked along the boardwalk designed for bird watching. Not many birds but a fantastic place to view the incredible waves. Words cannot describe them, awesome, fantastic, captivating, powerful etc we just stood and stared. The pictures might not show their size either – we reckon they were 10metre plus.

Final picture for Andy and Claire. A possible new selling line for your eggs? Delicious double yolkers?














2 responses to “On Philip Island (or is it the Isle of Wight?)

  1. Hi there adventurers on the Isle of Wight (otherwise known as Philip Island). Great to see your photos – looks like you’re all having a fab time! Also glad to see that Ella has woken up after her long flight (see photo in previous entry). Dad says he hopes you are enjoying your trip and wishes he could be with you – he’d have an excellent time in the colonies. Linda & Kirstie send their love, hugs & kisses to you all. Will keep reading as you post. God bless, Tim

    • Thanks mate, all well here apart from the extreme wind and driving rain and freezing temperatures…..!!

      How’s dad doing? Is he OK? Forgot to say that we are now back on our original phone number and here and the US it should be fairly cheap (local rates I think) on +44 7408866488. Or you could try ‘Planet Numbers’ which gives you a prefix to get even cheaper calls!

      Good to hear you are all OK, God bless, s

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