Skippy the bush kangaroo

Not that we are ones for cliche or anything, but we felt it only right and proper (and because Clares library had it in stock) to watch an entire DVD of Skippy adventures between last night and this morning. Simon and Rachel got all nostalgic for Saturday morning tv and Ella and Finn got properly into it, sitting right on the edge of the sofa and hiding behind cushions as appropriate.

We then had a fairly annoying drive to Ventor (nothing like it Powells, before you ask….) with the mildly annoying theme tune being sung repeatedly in the back seat. Simon spent a while correcting them when they deviated musically from the correct tune and Rachel wondered whether Tongue removal was still allowed.

We photographed kangaroo warning signs and wondered about the little creatures, where they live, what they eat, do people really have them as rescue-staff etc

Imagine our delight, nay, rapture, when we saw one! All standing proud and looking at us with a “yes, can I help you?” kind of face. He fairly rapidly hopped of into the bush.

Imagine our even bigger jubilation to see a second one, not a mile further on, and this one stood their and clicked his teeth in a true Skippy way. Hurrah. Job done, thank you Philip Island.





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