Aus Weather Report

Cold, cold and slightly more cold. Small patch of blue sky sighted at 10.58. Soon disappeared and all back to normal. It’s a bit like Southend, only without the culture and with more Kangaroos. Wind speed incredibly high. So nothing for it, back to episode 267 of Skippy….this is the life!


2 responses to “Aus Weather Report

    • Yes, actually not missing anything at all, the culture here is just fine!! The only culture that comes to mind in Southend is ‘Essex Girl’ and Kiss me Quick hats, thankfully none in evidence here!!! Great day out with Pelican feeding then swimming at the YMCA in Wonthaggi, and an awesome day at the Nobbies yesterday, what a wind!!! Getting very tempted to drop into the Pickled Vicar restaurant round the corner, if nothing else for the name!! Much love from us all to you and yours. S, R, F, E.

      Ps. Tell Artie he’s not missing much at Southend!!!

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