Animals, birds and seaweed

One of the things that is amazing me about travelling to new places is that I continue to be amazed at very normal, ordinary stuff that is different from home. I am wowed by the back garden birds and intrigued by the seaweed left on the shore….. I guess it’s the wonder at creation. Why do we need to have a slightly different variation on a pied wagtail in each continent? Just for fun and our enjoyment I guess!

This part of the world is experiencing extreme wind at the moment. Apparently Tasmania (just south east of here) had a 178kmh gust of wind the other night – strongest wind for years. We are enjoying it too. It makes the sea incredible and just so incredible to feel lifted off your feet and to be buffeted by the wind.

On Monday we went down to Nobbies point, the far south west of the island and again stood for ages watching the waves crashing on the rocks. There is a huge seal colony down there but they were all gathered together not really doing much (pretty wise, I guess!) but the blow hole was pretty impressive.

Yesterday we saw the pelicans being fed at San remo. A neat little marketing thing by the (very good) fish and chip shop who bring in the fish off the boats, take off the fillets and give the bones and heads to the pelicans, in process gathering a captive Market for their fish and chip lunches! The pelicans are funny funny creatures! They grab the fish and it goes in their throats and they turn it round until it is the right way round to go head first down their gullet. They are fiercely protective and if their friend gets their piece they will try and retrieve it from the other ones gullet! beautiful birds.

We then went for a nice swim at Wanthaggi (proper Aussie sounding town, eh!) Great day!

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6 responses to “Animals, birds and seaweed

  1. Dear Finn and Ella,
    The pelicans look nice and mummy loved the colours in the seaweed. As promised we said we would tell you who are new teacher is. We found out today it is Mr Sharp. I am really, really, really, really, reaallly, reeeaaalllyy, reeeeaaallllllyyy missing you both. from JOHN RAINBOW

    • So lovely to hear from you!
      We are missing you too! Wish you were here with us!
      Who is Mr Sharp? Is he ok?
      How is the last week of term?

      We are having lots of fun. Glad you can see our pictures.

      Lots of love
      Finn and Ella

  2. Yo, love the pictures of the pelicans, and the amazing birds – like you I love the rough seas, always trying to get that special photography. I think it is absolutely amazing that you are all dressed up for winter and then you go swimming! Has Simon ridden a scooter yet?

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