The search for the koalas

We had begun to wonder if the koalas were a figment of the Australian tourist board imagination to entice foreigners into the bush, but today we were proven wrong!
We went to the conservation reserve and with cricks in our necks were rewarded with a total of 9 in the trees.
Aussies seem very good at building lovely wooden boardwalks (simon has been noticing the craftsmanship since his summerhouse creation….) and the koala boardwalks took us up at least halfway up the eucalyptus trees. We still weren’t quite eye to eye but we saw them curled up, cute furry, sleeping bundles in the trees. They sleep 20hours a day (nice life) so didn’t do much, but good to see!
After a picnic Rachel returned just to check if they had moved and they had! One was right down on the boardwalk, cue some really close-up pictures. Picture also the really BIG Rachel smile!!!

Such a beautiful sunny day. Totally wonderful!
We had saved the penguins til a less windy day so went there as well.
A full moon rising over the sea was incredible….penguins cute but numbers low……worth seeing though. A good final day in Philip Island.











2 responses to “The search for the koalas

  1. Disappointed! I thought there was going to be a photo of the really BIG Rachel smile I miss so much! Ho hum. Cute koalas. Noah didn’t realise they came as big as the one with Finn and Ella in its lap.

  2. Dear fElla, I understand that your tooth has come out. Just to say that as everything in Australia is upside down I find it easier to find teeth at the foot end of the bed. Thanks. Must dash have to see someone in Tasmania on the way. Busses.

    The Toothfairy

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