Sunset over Melbourne

Saturday was spent with Clare and Artie in their local area. We went to their local farmers market in the morning and sampled our way round (should have skipped brekkie) and bought some of the wonderful produce – pies and tarts, cheese and bread. On the way back we found a bench overlooking the beach and found ourselves consuming the produce! What could be more heavenly than friends, sunshine, fab food and a beautiful view! Check the photo overlooking the boats in the bay. Spot the twins and Clare and Artie on the beach!

In keeping up the wildlife score, we must share the picture of the pig on the beach….. She was called Polly and had been at the Farmers Market – not as a pre production sampler, but as part of an animal welfare organisation!

In the afternoon we went to Lunar Park, Melbournes permanent funfair for roller coaster rides (Ella and Rachel ) and an upside down spinny thing (Finn’s personal, solo choice!) We then chased a sunset home and marvelled at the colours disappearing over the horizon for you to start your Saturday with!

The beach huts were on Brighton beach, the next beach up from Sandringham. Guess where we will be returning to on a sunny day!





2 responses to “Sunset over Melbourne

  1. Any Farmers’ Market hints and tips gleaned from the down under version? Not sure what the reaction would be if we introduced livestock pre-production samples…

  2. Love the pic of the beach with Clare and Artie standing very close together and the twins pottering about in the sea!

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