Shorter, longer or off?

We need to know…….


9 responses to “Shorter, longer or off?

  1. Now come on Simon, you know that this is only ever going to get scruffier and greyer so do the decent thing now!!
    Enjoying your posts, hope you’re enjoying your time – looks like it!!

    • Thanks for siding with me, ladies!
      Are you having Treginnis without the kids? Have often thought we should all get together more often without having to be troubled by safety policy and programmed……

      Hope it was fun!

      Lou thanks for your news. Am wearing out my knees praying for you.

      As you will see, the beard lives on but in a more tidy, minimal way. It’s not tooooooooo bad actually. Variety being the spice of life, and all that!!!!!!

      Thanks for reading

      • Not so sure, just remember if you shave it off when you have a suntan, you will have a very white mark round your race.
        Love all the news and photographs

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