Re On, Off, Shorter

OK. Having reviewed all comments relating to the ‘thing’ (aka. The ‘beard’) clearly voters need some clarification as to how the count will be conducted.

Currently there are a number of insightful comments on the value and future of the proto-face fungus ( that’s your genuine Oz for new beard). So to aid engagement with the democratic process, currently standing at 5 for ‘longer’ and 4 for ‘off’, here’s the rules:

1. Multiple comments from the same email or ISP will count as separate votes, provided there is at least 1 letter variant in the spelling (good tactic G from NZ!)
2. Single emails submitted in the name of multiple individuals will be seen as an attempt to sway the objectivity of the process and therefore rate as a single vote (sorry ladies from north the M25, although did like the style)
3. References to other bearded individuals in an attempt to sway, in either direction, the decision, may well gain merit in humour but due to potential libel will be ignored (nice ref F from E17)
4. All voting may, in the end, be subject to the actions of obscure, small Melbourne Barber, who may be consulted this week to shape, trim, or create some relation to hair on face and hear on head. So voting may include suggested directions.

So no doubt that’s all clear. Feel free to comment away, or simply ignore it totally! Hopefully photo of growth to date will help decisions,

And let’s face it in the light of news from Norway and Texus, and no doubt many un-reported places, everything gets a reality check, and the best thing may be to ignore the hair, and get on with some heartfelt, psalm- like prayer….

Location:Bellarine Hwy,Queenscliff,Australia


One response to “Re On, Off, Shorter

  1. See earlier comment – OK if you want to slide back into E17 unnoticed, but think of the white tidemark if you shave it off when you have a suntan. Mind you, looking at lates pic, the only suntan may be the tips of your ears, or maybe the top of the head!?

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