The Great Ocean Road

What an incredible weekend we just had!
The Great Ocean Road is an incredible feat of engineering, built after WW1, cutting it’s way along the south coast of Victoria, through the forests and rugged coastline.

It has the most incredible beaches, superb views, mind blowing stacks and lovely food stops! We travelled along the way in 2 cars, stopping regularly for photos and a breather, and despite the winter conditions, we chased the sun and kept dry all the way!

Australian animals were ever present again, with kangaroos on Anglesea golf course to start us off, and a koala reservation as our overnight stop….check them out, aren’t they just GORGEOUS……. And hand feeding wallabies and wombats! Very happy campers all the way!

We ended up in Port Cambell for the now historic “don’t get wet” paddle turning into stripping off swimming. Strange looks all round from the locals….strange foreign children swimming in the winter sea.

Check out the Joey in the pouch!

Apollo Bay for tea and cakes and beach-art

Don’t want to be boring with the koalas but they are gorgeous……..

Overnight rain…….. Tucked up against the outside world

Quick walk around the rain forest. Breathtaking scale that doesn’t show on a picture.

Gibsons Bay. Now in the family top ten beaches in the world (can legitimately add that last phrase no

The twelve Apostles. World famous stacks. We could only get to 7 but they a crumbling fast. Stunning (and full of other people!)

Swimming at Port Cambell

London Bridge. It has indeed fallen down. The first gap used to have a hat on the top and one day a few years back it crashed down. Bit scary for the poor people on the outside stack who had walked over to see the view!


5 responses to “The Great Ocean Road

  1. Love the pics and seeing Clare & Artie too. I particularly like the koala smoking a pipe. (Is it only me who thinks that’s what it looks like…?) Sounds like you are having the most amazing time. And I love that the kids keep swimming in the freezing sea at all and any available opportunity. Clearly Sizewell got them in training. (On that note, I realised today, by the way, that Lucy thinks Sizewell is actually called Sideways World. I love the way four year olds’ heads work!)

  2. You had a much drier time than we did! There were twin pictures in a nearby cafe (to which we’d gone to dry out!) of London Bridge before and after the first span collapsed!
    Koalas are indeed too cute – – could you bring that curled up one home for me? Bet they need all that fur – you all seem to be seriously wrapped up! Is it cold, then?

    • Hi, lovely to hear from you. Has been cold, but now warming up. Today sunny, warm, like a really good bright feb. Day in the uk, but without the cold!! Seems too nice to be in the library! Rachel and kids have gone to New Zealand, will join them next Thursday. Hope you and Steve are OK and all is well. They still sell the ‘before and after’ postcard….must have been fun/scary for the 2 people trapped for 4 hours on the stranded part of the bridge, what luck to be there and not on the span hat collapsed!!! Have met some cry interesting farmers markets and coffee outlets, one in particular that does it as a ministry to train homeless people in hospitality whilst providing top quality coffee/training/barisstas….good to chat on return…..

      Best wishes


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