Last Beard Post

Following extensive voting have decided to go for a variant-alternative vote system which will probably result in some kind of bearded-coalition compromise agreement, seems to work in politics, so why not in facial hair?.

Anyway, situation completely different having taken professional advice in a Melbourne Barbers. Can’t give away too much info except that:
1. Sat next to the producer of ‘Entourage’ which, according to the barber is the ‘must see’ U.S. series. Apparently this was an amazing honour and involved much celeb worship and most of the staff following him out of the shop for a gossip…
2. Finn looking through window proclaiming across busy street, ‘the man’s got a knife, dad’s going to die!’ (he is the consummate drama-queen, but this has psychological roots in a Wood Street hair cut, less said the better).
3. First encounter with cut-throat razor in public. Worryingly the woman in charge said, ‘I’ll not touch the beard, way too dangerous’, (had not realised the beard had come ‘tooled up’ as they say in the Stow), only to be followed by the new assistant of 2 days employment saying, ‘that’s OK I’ve got it’.
4. What followed involved said razor, children viewing trauma through window, spouse laughing and encouraging from sidelines, and a long un-bidden explanation of Entourage, not sure I shall be watching anytime soon.
5. Contrary to no.1 son’s prediction I emerged alive and with no visible signs of blood.
6. Pleased with result. Long term jury still out.
7. That’s it.
8. Photo is of the actual Barbers, customer is not the actual Rector.



3 responses to “Last Beard Post

    • Nice to hear from you. Yes had gathered that summer was not all going to plan up there!!! All well, Rachel and kids ave gone to new Zealand, I’m finishing up some reading/ research here and joining them on Thursday. Hope u r all well. Love and best wishes


  1. ha ha ha ha – just what I needed to read after a long evening shift! So glad you guys manage to make me grin form ear to ear when you’re not even anywhere near!
    It’ so good to see you all laughing and enjoying your time away, may it be a blessed and renewing time for you all.
    Love you sooo much
    Cheshy xxx

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