Leaving Melbourne and blog-silence

Its over a week now since Rachel and the twins left Melbourne and flew to Auckland. That time gave Simon a week of study and meeting people in the city before he came out to NZ to all be together again. He kept the ipad so the blog has been unwritten for 10 days, but thats not to say we havent done anything, so here follows a few catch up entries all in one go!

The last day together in Melbourne was spent in the city going round on the circle tram and visiting the wonderful Victoria Market -a foodie heaven! Ella and Rach visited the national gallery to see some aboriginal art – glorious colours and pictures mostly made of dots! In the meantime, Finn and simon went to a lego exhibition – glorious statues and pictures made up of…guess what……

On the day before we left, we gathered our stuff up and had a haircut and returned the pile of books (literally!) that Ella had read to the library…..and visited Wickens Point, just up the bay from Clare and Arties. We found the bay as calm as a pond, as flat as a sheet! what a contrast to what we had experienced in the sea during our stay.

The flight to Auckland was great…from the twins persepective, touch screen entertainment is always a winner! and the food was great. Look over the south east tip of Australia and the rolloing surf for miles and miles on golden sand was beautiful and flying through the sunset to see the shores of NZ and the water and islands of Auckland was just breath taking.

We got through passport and bag check and came through to be be greeted by Helen and Gerard with name signs like the taxis! such a wonderful greeting. We drove back to their place with the twins talking non-stop, simultaneously about everything and anything! the volume was incredible- excited or what??

H&Gs house is in a little hamlet of Hamilton called Rukihia, it is spacious (a vast mansion compared to RoadRunner!) and we are welcomed with ballons and chocolate fish and take out pizzas for tea! Wonderful to be with friends.

For me (Rachel) one of the greatest things of the trip has been building friendships. Our time with Clare and Artie was so special and you cannot put a price on growing and deepening friendship. The sights and views and experiences and cultures have been wonderful, but people are always, far and away, the best, and we thank the Lord for this opportunity every day!


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