Rotorua and all things scenic

The following day we went for a walk in the redwood forest. Tall and strong trees, young compared to the kauris, but huge and majestic. The kids did a quiz trail and got a certificate and the adults marvelled at nature!

The day turned to rain but we went to visit a friend of Helens who lives on the next door lake, Okareka. Despite the pouring rain, we got a boat tour of the lake(including snooping into the back gardens of the huge expensive houses) and the twins even got a trout fishing(unsucessful) trip. They got another hot-tub experience (cant keep them dry!) and the rest of us all had a great time chatting in the dry!

This is a Tui, another native bird who sings a lovely tune and has two white pom poms on his throat which wiggle as he sings. He is a fabulous blue-green colour. I spent a very happy half an hour watching him up a tree in Janes garden.

The next morning we were up and on the water early canoeing round the Lake Tarawera. A great way to explore the water. We packed up the bach and H&G headed home and the Heathfields headed into Rotorua again. We saw a water plane land on the lake and went to the Maori church. We went up the mountain in a cable car and had a whale of a time on the luge track and chairlift combo. A taste of the kiwi-adventure thing!


3 responses to “Rotorua and all things scenic

  1. Hi Heathfields. I’m sitting in my office at work. It’s 7.30am in the morning here and I have to do some last minute sorting before I can get ready to go on my holiday to Cornwall on Friday. just checked the last postn from NZ. Great pictures. H & G are lucky to live in such an inspiring environment. Glad your having a great time. I’ll check in again soon.


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