Rotorua and all things volcanic

Last weekend we had yet another little trip out organised by our in-country fixers, Bowden Tour Company. Getting in the Kiwi speak, these little excursions are called Tiki-tours.

This Tiki-tour took us to a bach (Kiwi (North Island only) for simple holiday cottage) that belonged to a friend at church on the shore of Lake Tarawera. The lake is a volcanic crater filled with ice clear water, surrounded by native bush and over shadowed by Mount Tarawera, another volcano that last erupted in 1886. Can you imagine the view……..?

The bach had a set of kayaks so we wasted no time in getting on the water. The sun was setting but the enthusiasm in twin-world was immense. The next photo has a beard-warning…….I think he looks a bit like a polar explorer……..any more opinions???

The following day we went into Rotorua city to see the world famous geysers and thermal activity. Te Puia is like a volcanic theme park! It combines the Maori heritage and the geysers, bubbling mud and steaming ground caused by the volcanic activity. It is like walking on some strange planet or Dr Who set. Again I say, isnt nature amazing?

A large part of Te Puia is maintaining and promoting the Maori culture, with a carving school and weaving school. The carvings around the site are brilliant and really striking. We went and saw a “cultural performance”, Maori dancing, poi dancing, singing and of course, the Haka.


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