August in New Zealand

When we were in Ruwanda, the locals were mystified by the large amount of rain for June.
When we called through Johannasburg, the locals assurred us “Its not normally this cold here at this time of year.”
When on Philip Island, Australia, we experienced the tail end of the strongest wind in the area for 80years.
Now in New Zealand we are in the middle of the worst snow for 40 years!

The extraordinary thing is we are in a ski resort, in the mountains, how come they dont seem to know what this kind of snow is like? The locala here is Queenstown say this is the most snow in town for at least 20 years!

Anyhow, we had a very happy day yesterday playing in the snow, building snow men and ploughing down any hill we could find. We have had to stay in the youth hostel another night as the motor home wasnt allowed to be rented out to us yesterday in such extreme conditions so we will assess again today. we have to travel to the north of the country so we might have to come up with plan B or even C…..

Such fun….


One response to “August in New Zealand

  1. So that’s why we had October weather in the Isle of Wight last August, because we went at the same time as the Heathfields!

    Hope you managed to get into your motor home by now and that it has heating!

    Jen x

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