Fun in Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is a beautiful colour. Not just “really blue” like you might hear a great lake described. It is aqua, ethereal, creamy blue. Hard to describe, wonderful to observe. Our campsite was on the shoreline and we looked down through trees to see where the white of the snow meets the creamy blue of the water. Beyond the water on the far shore is yet another snow covered mountain. Mmmmm, not too shabby, as the Bowden household would say.

On the shore road, just beyond the campsite is a marvellouse playground. A combo package of delights – a snow tube run, a skating rink and a hot pool.
We opted for the snow and swim deal and set up the sushi conveyor belt with own, very strong, inner tube with handles, to await being pushed off by the man at the top of the hill. What a magnificently fun time we had! It was laughing all the way, with double and triple runs, dizzying variations in spn, front facing and bottom sitting, all accompanied by intense technical explaations from Finn! Ella, meanwhile, like her mum, just wiggled her feeat and squealed for joy all the way. At the end both twins discivering the favourite refreain when they were 3 yr olds, ‘again, again, again, again!!’ Loved it! I spoke to a woman on the viewing platform and she had overheard Finn yelling as he careered down the hill “this is the best fun ever!!!!!”

We then went and relaxed in the hot pools. After the initial confusion of being in a swimming pool as hot as a bath, in the outside, with snow on the ground and mountains for a view, we really had a great time! What a treat!

After a quick lunch we called in at the Church Of the good Shepherd, a tiny little chapel on the shore of the Lake which has a glass window behind the altar with the view of the mountains. Wow!

Next door to the church (remember, of the Good Shepherd….) is a monument to the collie dog, remembering that without these animals the sheep farming in these mountains would be impossible! Brilliant! And even more brilliant, tonight we read the parable of the good shepherd (we have been reading a page a day of Desmond Tutu’s childrens bible as we travelled). All unplanned, by us at least! You could not write a better script!

Tekapo was just what we needed for the next long drive, as far north as we could manage, aiming to get past Christchurch by stopping time! Of course just a bit of time to see more mountains and a little glimpse of Mount Cook, our main loss in the re scheduled driving plan.


One response to “Fun in Lake Tekapo

  1. Hello Simon and the family ! I’m glad you all seem to enjoy your big adventure …and must say that the beard suits you well indeed!
    Love from France , XXXX Isabelle

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