Plan C not needed, Plan A is a go-er

Wednesday morning phonecall to the rental firm suggested that the motorhome probably wouldnt happen, given that the vehicle was currently frozen into their cleaning bay.

It also appeared that the crucial pass through the mountains, Linden Pass, remained impassable, as were all othe routes, in every direction. We resigned ourselves to plan C or even D (both involving complex use of planes, buses, hire cars, camels, sherpas and more, with multiple redirection of funds and possible bank jobs….at one point on Tuesday the Queenstown to Auckland flight cost rose to $500+ per person!),and looked to stay again in Queenstown. However, within an hour the plan looked different, the cleaning bay was unfrozen and the Pass was opened and made passable.

Simon set off to collect the van and Rach did the packing (again…..lots of cases and bags and stuff and locating possessions on this trip!) Two hours later he returns with a car -apparently our van had failed its MOT so we couldnt have it, afterall. They were finding us another van and would get it sorted again within the hour (only a half clean) so we could benefit from the window of open-pass opportunity.

So we piled our stuff in the car, got some food and returned to the airport to collect the 2nd vehicle. Great. All very excited.

Views amazing. Especially this one across Lake Hayes just outside Queentown. Picture postcard.

We cross the Lindens Pass. Obviously there had been much snow but they had cleared it and we had a breathtaking run up the country, 280km to the very lovely Lake Tekapo.

The only moment where snow chains might have been needed was getting onto our pitch, but fortunately the campsite man had a tractor and a big rope and was helpfully pulling All the campavans in and out of their sites!

We cosy-ed down for our first night aboard the Backpacker. Kids delighted to be sleeping in the overhead locker and we were snug-as on our pull down bed converted from the table and sofa. Quite cold (hear the emphasis in my tone) and breathed steam all night long.

We woke to the stunning place that Lake Tekapo is and headed off for a morning of fun and adventure in the winter wonderland next door to the campsite. See next post……….


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