Raglan Beach and leaving NZ

On our last day out together with Helen and Gerard we went to the closest beach to them, Raglan, on the west coast. A fabulous last day out with fish and chips on the shore, twin surf-jumping, beach combing and a sunset. Raglan is a black sand beach – due to iron deposits and volcanoes apparently….

The last proper day was of course the packing…… we should be good at it now but it continues to be a stress! Kindly, H&G gave us a break and took the kids off to the climbing wall centre. They had a brilliant (and exausting!) time and the packing got done!

We loaded up Helens brothers ute on Wednesday morning and drove to the airport. Farewell to the wonderful New Zealand. We had all fallen in love with the Land of the Long White Cloud and were planning when we could return!

The flight to LA was long and uncomfortable, not much sleep by anyone – nothing for Finn until we literally touched down in LAX and he conked out! We got through to the hotel in time for breakfast and a swim! Brilliant! We are time travellers, we can have Wednesday all over again! How wierd is that??


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