Wednesday all over again

Having left Auckland on Wednesday we arrived 6 hrs before we left despite the long 12 hr flight. We are time travellers! Body clock a bit confused but not too tired for a morning swim in the LA hotel pool. Warm sunshine So different from the waist deep snow of last wednesday! How strange is this trip!!

After an enforced 3hr snooze, we got on the bus and headed for Santa Monica – with only a day in LA we all vote for beach rather than city! It is a beautiful place with a large expanse of sand, rolling surf, restaurants and and a pier. We enjoyed it all!

Check out the second car back!!

Today, Thursday, was more travelling, with an early start to get to the airport followed by a long wait for a delayed flight followed by another 5hrs in a plane followed by 3 trains and a taxi (with all that luggage..!) to get to New Jersey. But we are here! In New York! The last moments of the flight were stunning coming in over Manhatten but no camera sadly.

On the train we kept glimpsing the Empire State Building but only a glimpse! It was teasing us! But we arrive at the hotel and we have a glorious view (in the dark its all lit up!) of the tops of the Manhatten skyline including the new “Tower one” built on the old WTC site.

It is currently 1.30am New York time and me and Simon are up, wide awake! The children were sleepy enough to sleep thankfully, we will try soon! All the talk is of Hurricane Irene, due to hit NYC on sunday. Given our track record for wierd weather, I don’t hold much hope for the New Yorkers…..


One response to “Wednesday all over again

  1. I happen to think the beard suits you – and I am not a beard person! Anyway, have loved reading all your adventures and seeing the photographs – I want to go and get some pics like wot you’ve got.
    By the way, as a matter of interest, your snow storm made it to the London Metro – a small paragraph which said “a RARE polar storm has hit Christchurch, NZ”

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