Ground Zero and Lady Liberty

We had another jet-lag night so all woke up late. However this had given NYC time to wake up and get moving post-Irene. Nearly all transport was back on and functioning (although not all Jersey buses judging from the bus garage we passed (see photo)) as NY breathed a huge sigh of relief as they had got off relatively lightly. Tonight the Irene death toll stands at 30 and the pictures of the flooding up country are frightening. We really didn’t fare badly.

We headed to Ground Zero to see what was being done in preparation for the 9/11 10th anniversary. It so happens that the firefighters national games are being held in NY, so the place is heaving with muscly men, mostly, it felt, gathered around the memorials today! So we had to fight our way through the said muscly men and glimpse at the new memorial.

They have built two square fountain/waterfall pools in the footprints of the twin towers and a new museum beside them. They are also building a new single tower “One World Tower” so called to reflect the need for peace and understanding. When it is finished it will dominate the skyline just as the twin towers did. It will not be ready for this years opening, but the fountains will be. They are working very hard – not surprising as its only 13 days to go!

It was interesting to explain the 9/11 story to the children. It seems so recent to us but they weren’t yet born. It was moving to be in a place where it feels our history happened.

We then headed south to Battery Park, where the Staten Island Terminal is. The best value tourist thing in the city! Totally free, there and back! Great photo opportunities, beautiful sunshine, happy days!

We replayed the wished for fountains and then headed into Little Italy, China Town and through SoHo back to the bus for the hotel. A great day!


3 responses to “Ground Zero and Lady Liberty

  1. Hi Heathfields. Great pictures. It must have been a strange experience visiting ground zero. Wonderful to hear that NYC did not suffer the full force of Irene. The news coverage over hear confirmed the relief that damange amd loss of life was relatively small. That does not help the families of those who died, but overall it appears to have been a great escape. Hope you get out now any enjoy your holiday.

  2. Hey Heathfield family – happy birthday Rach! Have a great day. So glad you are safe and well and having a fabulous time. We’ve really enjoyed watching your progress and the photos you have posted have been incredible. School starts here tomorrow so it’s busy, busy. Looking forward to catching up once you are back home. Lots of love, Katie x

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