Central Park

They say the Park is unmissable. Partly to do with its vast scale and size on the island of Manhatten, but also just because of what it is and what it contains. Every kind of New York life can be found there and everything a New Yorker could want for recreation. It is a beautiful gallery to architecture and a memorial to anyone who wants a fountain, a statue, a bench or a tree named after them. It is the place to busk, to sing, to sell, to jog, to cycle, to love, to play baseball, to sunbathe, to frisbee, to swim, to row, to eat, to meet, to watch……

In order for us to explore its 43acres we hired bikes. Much negotiation needed to play off the different offers from the guys around the gates. It turns out they all work for the same shop but get a different level of commission according to the price they get! We, of course, thanks to simons financial negotiation, got a good deal! We got “tag-along” bikes with the kids attached to the back of ours with a wheel, handle bars and pedals.

We cycled around to explore and we went to the “world famous” (a claim quite a lot of New York places make!) Zabars deli to collect a picnic. This included an exciting cycle up Broadway!

We continued to explore including a brief mooch in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and then continued up to the pool (the pool with wierd rules…ask us later!) for a cool off.

We returned the bikes through the midst of the joggers – you would not beleive the number of New Yorkers who come out after work for a run round Central Park in the evening….it looked like the start of the London Marathon!

We returned to the hotel exhausted…..not too much for the kids to have another swim though….


2 responses to “Central Park

  1. “A brief mooch in the MMA”?? Is that possible? I’ve spent days there and still not seen it all. But I suppose it’s not the place for 7 year olds – but FAO Schwartz isn’t far from there – which IS the place for 7 year olds (and Tom Hanks being a 7 year old who got “Big”).
    Not many hours left – make the most of it – looking forward to seeing you all, and hearing all the stories – which will itself take days and days!

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