Birthday in New York

What a fantastic end to our big trip! A big day out in the city that never sleeps! It seems that we havent slept that much, either, burning the candle at both ends and our bodies still slighty thinking we are New Zealand. Never mind though, we managed to pack a lot in to our last day!

We firstly set off up the Rockerfeller Tower to admire the view of the city and in particular the Empire State Building. The lift takes you up 64 floors in less than a minute and the giddying heights are truly tremendulous. We looked across Central Park and our cycling route of the day before and south down to the Statue of Liberty. The buildings go on and on, crammed in to every concieveable building space, with new skyscrapers jutting up against a few dwarf like older buildings. It was hard to loose perspective on how high you are when everything else is so high as well; but to look to the ground and see the taxis and the people, you certainly felt your height! It was warm being that close to the sun so we sat on the shady side and had the first of a couple of pressie moments (the twins had wrapped and planned for a different pressie at each stop…wow!).

After a refreshment break we headed out of the Rockerfeller, towards Grand Central Station, side tracked only by the Lego store (very happy Finn…)

Grand Central was like being on a film set….Witness, Madagascar, Arthur (anyone name some more??) ….it is a lovely building, tardis like in its size, with more underground than you would ever see above. We headed for the Magnolia Bakery, the store that claims to have started the cupcake revolution, and indulged in another birthday moment. Glorious.

From outside we got a glimpse of the Chrysler Building, the best night-lit tower of them all and watched a fire truck come and go.

We headed into Bloomingdales and spent some money and onto FAO Swartz (in a yellow taxi!) the toy shop featured in Tom Hanks movie “Big”. The kids of course played on the big piano but didn’t spend any money! (and daddy got a few mins+ in the iconic 5th Avenue Apple store (that’s computers!), just next door!

From there we headed to Times Square and had an amazing meal at Juniors just off Broadway. The burgers were huge and juicy and the chips thick and fat! We had cake and candles (although couldnt manage the cake til later!) and a lovely surprise presant (a beautiful NZ heart with a tui on it).
We came out on Times Square and our breath was stopped as we gazed round the dazzling and brighter than daylight neon.

We got back to the hotel asleep on our feet, but again, the little fish couldn’t resist a last swim!

We woke this morning and decided that even though we didnt need to be at the airport til late afternoon, we wouldn’t do a rush trip back into the city, rather conserving our energy for the journey home. We are all ready to be back and looking forward to our own beds!

Its been amazing for us to know so many people have been reading this – we hope its kept you in touch with us in a good way while we have been away. It has been good for us to write down our travels and a few of our thoughts ( although not many, much more processing to be done of all we have experienced and learnt about the world, ourselves and each other).
Being away has been amazing but coming home will be just as good!


3 responses to “Birthday in New York

  1. Sad that your amazing trip is coming to an end and with it your brilliant posts. Don’t give up writing Heathfields, you all have such a wonderful style and perspective! Looking forward to seeing you soon x

  2. We’re really looking forward to seeing you again – and in the fullness of time hearing some of your more extended reflections . . .

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